The incredible, mesmerizing coloring is ready and you already understand that your work simply must win the competition. And you are right! But there is an equally important part of the work ahead - to take a beautiful photo. COLOR LIFE is not just a color competition, where only the result of coloring matters. This competition is about images, about the character that creative colors can demonstrate, about style. Photography should convey more than just the bottom line of your work as a colorist, it should tell a creative story: about the model and your color choices. Photography - approach it creatively, carefully and professionally. Here are some tips to help you capture a winning photo:
1) Details are everyting.
A well-thought-out composition will successfully highlight what you want to tell about - your coloring skills. The final impression is formed in a complex way: the model and its image, the selected background, light, angles. Pay attention to every detail.
2) Invite a photographer.
Of course, a professional always knows how to take in everything that we said in the previous paragraph, so you can consider the option of involving a master of photography in the work. You will not only increase your chances of winning the competition, but you will also get great photos for your portfolio as a master.
3) Create a harmonious look for your model.
Even the most luxurious coloring will not look 100% out of touch with the overall look. The full fashion look format looks more advantageous. Stylish clothing, accessories, make-up, possibly done by a professional make-up artist, taking into account the general color scheme: tell the story behind your coloring in every detail.
4) What's the best angle?
There is no single answer, experiment! Full face or profile. Photo in full height or waist-high. Static or in motion to make your hair flow so beautifully. Try different options to find the best photo. As a result, you are submitting to the competition not just the result of professional creative coloring: you are submitting to the jury a creative story that will certainly attract attention and cause even more delight.

According to the rules of the competition, you can upload one work with one nomination. If your coloring contains several colors, and it seems that it can be assigned to several categories, think about which color accent you consider in your work, which color nuance best reveals your idea. At the same time, you can participate in several nominations at the same time - we welcome your creativity. Create different works and try to win in each nomination!


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